KOSHIN High-tech Innovation Industrial Park: Building a capacitor ecosystem

2020-06-20 11:00:00 admin 1236

On 28th April, total 829 major projects in 14 cities, prefectures, counties, and urban areas in Hunan Province started concentratedly, with a total investment of 365.74 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 131.48 billion yuan, which set off an upsurge of “seize opportunities, seize projects, and stabilize investment”. The groundbreaking ceremony is comparable to the "Hundred Regiments Battle"!


From the perspective of investment field, these major projects show that all industries are working together, and the leading role of the industry has been significantly enhanced. There are not only traditional and new infrastructure, but also major projects in the fields of industrial development, ecological environmental protection, and social and people's livelihood. On the day of the event, the second phase of KOSHIN High-tech Innovation Industrial Park held a groundbreaking ceremony in Linwu Industrial Park, Chenzhou City.


KOSHIN High-tech Innovation Industrial Park is a large-scale electronic component manufacturing industry cluster invested and constructed by Hong Kong KOSHIN Holdings Co., Ltd. in Linwu Industrial Park. Relying on the existing advantages and resources of KOSHIN enterprise, as the core development area of the high-tech electronics industry in the park, it is established to produce aluminum electrolytic capacitors, horn bolt capacitors, conductive polymer solid capacitors, and new high-tech products laminated capacitors. The upstream and downstream block chain industry production, including the production of power supplies, fully automatic mechanized equipment, aluminum shells, guide pins, rubber plugs, cartons and other supporting products, and supporting regional block industry chain logistics parks, focusing on promoting the development of capacitors and building "industry leading , First-class technology" high-tech capacitor technology research and development and production base.

The total investment of the project is 3 billion yuan, and the total planned land area is about 600 acres. After the project is completed, it can reach an output value of 4 billion yuan. After the project is completed, it can generate 200 million yuan in tax revenue. The construction is divided into three phases. The first phase (completed) has an investment of 1 billion yuan and a cooperative development of 128 acres; the second phase (under construction) has an investment of 800 million yuan and the cooperative development is congested with 143 acres; the third phase (planned construction) has an investment of 1.2 billion yuan for cooperative development The land is 260 acres.


KOSHIN High-tech Industrial Park, formerly known as KOSHIN (Chenzhou) Co., Ltd., which settled in Linwu in 2012. The company is a high-tech electronic component company that specializes in researching and developing conductive polymer solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors and double cushion aluminum electrolytic supercapacitors. Its main customers include world-class brands such as Huawei, Apple, BYD, Sharp, and Sony. enterprise. KOSHIN is an enterprise specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of high-tech electronic components. It has more than 50 technical patents and its own registered brands rank among the top ten in the world.

At present, new types of electrolytic capacitors are developing rapidly, and electrolytic capacitors are gradually replacing certain inorganic and organic dielectric capacitors. As the market demand for smart phones, tablet computers and mobile device electrical appliances increases, the design of electronic components must be miniaturized, chip-shaped, high-capacity, temperature-resistant, and pressure-resistant to meet user needs. The market size of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is estimated, and the future will continue to strengthen product research and development, and cut into high-temperature, high-power, and high-current products. KOSHIN High-tech Industrial Park project will invest a lot of capital in production for intelligent manufacturing, capacity upgrade and expansion, workshop decoration, aluminum electrolytic capacitor production line, establishment of MES system, to achieve comprehensive monitoring of each planned production process status and improve efficiency , Introduce a brand-new quality management system, effectively improve the traceability of a single product, remotely monitor the real-time status of the production line, check the past records and control the production line, and move toward an intelligent industrial park.

In recent years, with the continuous development and expansion of various businesses of KOSHIN the momentum has been gratifying. In order to further expand the demand for industrial development, strive to build KOSHIN high-tech innovation industrial park. Fully implement the overall strategy of "innovation-led, opening up and rising" and "industry-led, comprehensive development". It is understood that the first phase of the KOSHIN High-tech Innovation Industrial Park uses land efficiently and intensively to build a 6-story factory structure. With a pragmatic spirit, it has won high praise from the municipal government and settled enterprises and institutions. At present, the planned construction period of the second phase is from 2020 to 2022. It will introduce 8 upstream and downstream enterprises including Shige Group and Anyuanxin Sanyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and it is expected to start trial production in 2021.

The surging vitality of industrial development and the construction of real economic projects is rushing to the surface. Wish the KOSHIN High-tech Industrial Park project fruitful and prosper, and achieve a win-win goal for settled enterprises!