Year 2018

Implement a brand new ERP system and barcode system, for preparation of industrial 4.0

Year 2017

Won Power Grid of China certificate and High technology enterprise certificate

Year 2016

Implemented 20 sets of fully automatic production lines with the most advanced technology, relocate a new floor map on each process, running “9S”management, expanded laboratory and increased 30% inspection equipments, established sales office in Brazil an

Year 2015

100 sets new automatic production lines had implemented in Hunan, include SMD conductive polymer capacitor and SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor, and successfully developed high voltage pencil capacitor.

Year 2014

100 sets new automatic production lines had trial production in Hunan.

Year 2013

Increased to 145 sets production lines and production capacity to 5.5 billion pieces in ShenZhen factory 2011年 Year 2011

Year 2011

Begin establish new factory in Hunan, and begun production for KOAS conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors, and increased 80 sets full automotive high voltage/low voltage aging and sorting machine.

Year 2010

Invested in the development and production of KOAS conductive solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor, successfully developed 400V ~ 500V high voltage, small size series capacitor.

Year 2009

Increased to 130 sets production lines and all product have already pass REACH test.

Year 2008

Implemented 30 sets new automatic lead wire product machine to increase production capacity

Year 2007

The third phase of the expansion project was completed and officially opened in July, with an annual capacity of 3 billion

Year 2006

Expand the third plant to increase the production capacity.

Year 2005

Moved to a new factory in ShenZhen, covering an area of 36, 000 m², and obtained ISO 14000 certification in August.

Year 2004

All series of products meet ROHS standards and are recognized by SGS.

Year 2003

Fully Implement RoHS European environmental protection production standard

Year 2002

Obtained ISO 9001(2000 edition) certification

Year 1996

Cooperated with well-known capacitor manufacturers in Japan to produce aluminum electrolytic capacitors as OEM

Year 1995

Introduced fully automatic computer system to control every production process.

Year 1994

Won IECQ certification who is the first manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in south China

Year 1988

Officially launched KOSHIN brand aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Year 1984

Koshin Founded