Continuous innovation, Steady growth

Koshin International Limited was established in 1984 and based in Hong Kong. Koshin is an innovative technology enterprise that focuses mainly on researching, designing, developing, manufacturing and selling aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Koshin manufacturing facilities are located in ChenZhou, Hunan Province and Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Our annual capacity is 12 billion pieces and has more than 1100 employees. Koshin Group has set up several sales centers across the globe to serve different markets in Asia, America and Europe and we have become one of the world's major aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers.


Quality Service, Core Advantages

The Koshin Group integrated upstream and downstream resources for many years and we have successfully established a automations factory, lead wire factory and molding factory in order to provide all rounded service for our customers. The Koshin Group has two independent brands: "Koshin" high-quality aluminum electrolytic capacitor (SMD type, Radial type, Snap-in type, Screw Terminal type, etc.);”Koas" conductive polymer solid aluminum electrolytic capacitor (SMD type, Radial type ,SMD type/Radial type(Hybrid type).Products are widely used in computer, automotive, new energy, lighting, industrial, medical equipment, communication equipment and other fields.